I'm Adam Mosebach.  When I was in fifth grade, my father came into the living room, newspaper in hand, and told me that the local community theatre was having auditions for a show called "Oliver".  He said I looked just like the kid in the movie (I did at the time) and told me I had to audition.  My response..."No way!"  Sure I'd done the second-grade play, "The Magic Bookshelf", but being on stage was not something I really cared about.  But he said he really wanted me to try out and see how it goes.  Well, I did.  I sang a song a capella, had to do an improv scene, and then was asked to read through a scene and come back later in the day to have a callback.  That was the moment something inside me snapped.  I suddenly reeeaaallly wanted that part.  I read, re-read, and rehearsed the scene with my brother over and over again right up until the moment I had to go back in. 

I went in, nailed it, got the part, and have been bitten by the bug ever since...


Since fifth grade, I have made a career out of acting, having performed in over 170 productions, from regional to NYC, had roles on TV and the internet, and am an EMC and a member of SAG-AFTRA.


And just to put all rumors to rest...

It's true what you've heard...I eat almost exclusively pasta.  I'm ok with that.

                                                    Hope to see you soon,